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We’ve got the bikes!

Things have been really hectic, what with picking up the bikes and doing loads of last minute stuff for our wedding, and I’m afraid that I have been crap at updating the blog. Sorry.

Picking up the bikes was exciting and I have to say that Speedaway Motorcycles have done us proud. Their service and very helpful attitude was beyond all of my expectations. Well done guys.

We have got lots of modifications to the bikes in the offing but now that we have got them we have decided that we want to get some miles in on them and run them in first. This is for a number of reasons not least being that nether of us wanted to delay riding them. So immediately after picking them up we set off for Oxford in order to visit friends and did a couple of hundred miles. I had to come back on the Monday morning to go to work but Sarah stayed on until Tuesday. Unfortunately for her it rained on Tuesday and she discovered that her new waterproof trousers weren’t. I know that they were fairly cheap but they ought to do what it says on the tin the first time that they are worn. Me thinks that she will be taking them back to the shop very soon!

With regards to the bikes. Initial impressions are great and we both feel that have made a choice that is good for us. Running in is always tedious but is worth it in the long run, particularly given the miles that we are going to be putting on these bikes, sometimes in very difficult conditions.

More to follow soon… honest 🙂

The new bikes are here!

We are very excited, we’ve met our new bikes! We went over to Speedaway Motorcycles on Saturday to go over a few details with them and make sure we were on track to pick up the bikes later this week. We knew the bikes had made it to the importer so were in the country, and were chuffed to bits when they told us they were already with them and in the store. We rushed through, and there they were, all shiny and new, and very nearly ours! Call me sad if you will, but I’ve said hello, and may have stroked my new (and only!) Moto Guzzi just a little bit when no one was looking. My first new motorbike, and the one that I will be spending my life on for the next few years – I’m allowed to be a little sentimental about that, now, aren’t I?

So here they are, the black one is Tony’s and the white one is mine – his and hers 🙂