600 miles – That’s when the first service was due and marked the end of the initial running in period. Speedaway motorcycles serviced both of the bikes by prior arrangement whilst we went and sampled the local delights. I thought that I would treat Sarah and so, no expense spared, I took her to a proper Black Country fish and chip shop in Blackheath with eat in tables. I know, I know, but sometimes extravagence is justified where your beloved is concerned!

Of course I went for Faggots, Chips, Mushy Paes and Gravy. Sarah, being somewhat more refined, ordered Fish and Chips and was offered mushy peas and gravy to go with it. She politely declined, which so suprised the woman serving us that she had to double check, “Are you sure? They’re included!”. It’s fair to say that Sarah wouldn’t eat mushy peas, or a blob of purest green as she refers to them as, even if she was starving. She’s also not convinced about the idea of gravy with fish…The food was very good and the service excellent.

We returned to Speedaway motorcycles and Sarah’s bike was ready, resplendant with it’s heated grips and KTM hand protectors, but mine was not. A small oil leak needed more time to identify and resolve and so I was loaned the same white Moto Guzzi V7 that we had ridden as a demonstrator. It later transpired that a clamp joining a breather tube had been slightly squashed at the factory when the starter motor had been fitted and that this was allowing some oil mist to escape. This was easily fixed and I was soon reunited with my bike which now also had it’s heated grips and hand protectors. The hand protectors are obviously there to protect my fingers from impacts when off roading but I have found that they also keep a surprising amount of wind and rain off my hands. Not so good for keeping cool in hot weather but a boon when it’s cold or wet.

So what were the bikes like to ride now that they had been serviced? Well I have to say that mine is noticeably smoother. Even at just 600 miles the engines and gear boxes were bedding in well and loosening up nicely. It was great to be able to go that bit faster and even though we continued running them in over the next 400 miles the job was easy.