StahlKoffer make their panniers in a number of sizes, most of which are far too big for the V7 and would just swamp the bike, so we had decided on their smaller City Koffer range with a pair of 210mm wide panniers. However in conversations with Bernie I became aware that he could make panniers to any dimensions but that there were cost considerations in the amount of aluminium used and the time to program and set up the machinery for cutting, folding and welding the panniers and lids.

Ideally I wanted a slimmer pannier, so as to make filtering and getting through narrow gaps and tracks easier, but which regained the lost capacity by being longer and deeper. I had the idea of having the pannier mountings offset towards the rear of the box so that the pannier would extend over the rear passenger footrest and keep the weight forward. However if the need arose to carry a pillion then the left and right panniers could be swapped over so that they would now extend rearwards and leaving room for the pillion to put their feet comfortably on the footrests.

Deciding on the pannier width

Bernie agreed that it was perfectly do-able but that he would need the exact dimensions and measurements for the positioning of the rear mountings which attach the panniers to the loops on the bikes. The problem was that the one off fabrication would take time which was the one thing that we were rapidly running out of. Another factor was that StahlKoffer also make tailor made inserts for their panniers (Full or two thirds / one third) which make organising the pannier contents and actually getting to the stuff much easier. We had already decided that this was a good idea, so having bespoke ones made to suit our unique panniers was also going to take more time.

In the end we decided to go with his standard 210mm City Koffer panniers so that we would definitely have them in time…..a decision that we may or may not come to regret.