Forgive us blog readers, for we have sinned – it’s been 14 months since our last blog post…

What on Earth have we been up to, I hear you cry!

Here we are, back in Blighty, and enjoying (!) another Winter… but why?

If you’ve been with us up until now, you’ll know that we chose to return to the UK due to the deteriorating health of Tony’s Father. Things got progressively worse, and he passed away peacefully in May 2011. There was a huge amount of stuff to sort out, practically, mentally and emotionally. We found ourselves falling further and further behind with the blog, and the longer we left it, the harder it seemed to start it up again. We went through the embarrassment stage and out the other side… well actually, I’m still in the embarrassment stage, truth be told!

But life moves on, things are gradually getting sorted, we finally have most of our affairs in order, probate granted, and the house sale agreed. It’s time to pick up the blog and update you on our journey of the last year, because after all, life’s still a journey, isn’t it, even if you stay in one place? Not that we’ve been entirely static in the months that have passed, but that is another blog post…

It’s time to get back in the saddle!

So read, on dear reader, whilst we bring you up-to-date with all, or at least some, of what we’ve been up to over the past months.

We hope you enjoy the journey! 🙂